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RAND MERCHANT INVESTMENT HOLDINGS LIMITED - Audited summary results announcement and cash dividend declaration for the year ended 30 June 2021

Release Date: 20/09/2021 08:01
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Audited summary results announcement and cash dividend declaration for the year ended 30 June 2021

Rand Merchant Investment Holdings Limited
(Incorporated in the Republic of South Africa)
(Registration number: 2010/005770/06)
ISIN: ZAE000210688
Share code: RMI
(RMI or the Company)

Audited summary results announcement and cash dividend declaration for the year ended 30 June 2021

Enduring value created
Compound shareholders' return since listing in 2011
15.7% per annum

Growth in total shareholders' equity since listing in 2011
9.2% per annum

Normalised earnings
+15% to R3 545 million
(2020: R3 086 million)

About RMI

RMI is an investment holding company listed on the JSE Limited (JSE) with a proud track record of investing in dynamic, disruptive
financial services businesses, underpinned by our core values and culture of partnership, excellence, impact and creativity.

Sources of normalised earnings

RMI regards normalised earnings as the appropriate basis to evaluate business performance as it eliminates the impact of non-recurring
items and accounting anomalies. The total normalised earnings of RMI's investee companies for the year under review are listed in the
table below:

R million                                                                            2021          2020      change

OUTsurance (excluding Hastings)                                                     2 535         2 218          14
- OUTsurance (including Hastings)                                                   2 779         2 411          15
- Hastings included in OUTsurance                                                    (244)         (193)         26
Hastings                                                                            2 066         1 720          20
RMI Investment Managers and AlphaCode investments                                     142           (10)       +100
Discovery                                                                           3 406         3 747          (9)
Momentum Metropolitan                                                               1 007         1 521         (34)

RMI's consolidated normalised earnings for the year under review are listed in the table below:

R million                                                                            2021          2020      change

OUTsurance (excluding Hastings)                                                     2 296         2 008          14
- OUTsurance (including Hastings)                                                   2 513         2 180          15
- Hastings included in OUTsurance                                                    (217)         (172)        (26)
Hastings                                                                              585           486          20
RMI Investment Managers and AlphaCode investments                                     142           (10)       +100
Discovery                                                                             850           933          (9)
Momentum Metropolitan                                                                 269           407         (34)
Funding and holding company costs                                                    (597)         (738)         19
Normalised earnings                                                                 3 545         3 086          15
Normalised earnings per share (cents)                                               231.4         201.5          15

Overview of results

RMI's operating environment during the 2021 financial year was once again dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic,
with elevated mortality experience materially impacting on the group's life insurance operations. Notwithstanding the adverse impact of
COVID-19, the group delivered a strong overall operational performance, with pleasing growth in normalised earnings being achieved by
OUTsurance and Hastings, its two large P&C investments. This, together with the positive impact of the lower interest rate environment
on the group's funding costs and excellent performance by RMI Investment Managers, enabled the group to deliver a 15% increase in
normalised earnings to R3.5 billion.

Normalised earnings, including OUTsurance's stake in Hastings, increased by 15% to R2.8 billion. Excluding its share in Hastings,
OUTsurance's normalised earnings increased by 14% to R2.5 billion, driven by strong equity market returns and an excellent 18% increase
in gross written premiums to R20.6 billion. Youi contributed most to the gross written premium growth due to good organic growth in the
direct personal lines operation coupled with the positive contributions from the Youi CTP and Youi BZI initiatives. OUTsurance's claims ratio
increased from 51.1% to 51.7% due to the more restrictive lockdown conditions in the prior year, lower average premiums in the current
year due to the impact of work-from-home patterns, an increase in the property claims ratio resulting from power surge and dip claims and
increased geyser replacements due to colder weather conditions.

Normalised earnings from Hastings increased by 20% to R2.1 billion for the year ended 30 June 2021. The claims ratio for the six months
ended 30 June 2021 was 63.4%, compared to 75.6% in the comparative period. Claims frequencies increased from the lows in 2020 but
remain below 2019 levels as a result of the ongoing pandemic. Reserving caution continues to be applied as a result of increased pandemic
related uncertainty on bodily injury claims. Gross written premiums decreased by 7% to £480.9 million compared to the comparative period
of £514.9 million, with the reduction reflecting a mix change towards lower risk market segments. Live customer policies increased by 4%
year-on-year to 3.1 million policies with continued strong retention ratios and stable retail income. Home insurance policies increased by
27% to 300 000 in-force policies. New products, pricing models and sources of data have been added since 2021, laying the foundations
for continued profitable growth.

RMI Investment Managers is largely in the consolidation phase of its business model evolution and has, therefore, focused its efforts
on optimising the existing portfolio by truly partnering its boutique investment managers in a supportive but non-interfering manner.
Despite the extremely difficult operating environment, the affiliates managed to remain resilient during these turbulent times. Pleasingly,
the diversified nature of the affiliate portfolio and asset classes represented, demonstrated its value and resulted in better than expected
financial performance on the back of good assets under management (AUM) growth and strong performance fee earnings. AUM increased
by 24% (R32.9 billion) in 2021, reflecting the strong bull market in SA equities (up 25%), global equities (up 16%) and SA bonds (up 14%).
Total net inflows across the portfolio amounted to R5 billion for the period, with R5.8 billion invested into retail portfolios, resulting in a 37%
increase in total retail AUM (R51 billion at year-end), whereas alternative strategies (hedge fund and private equity) increased by 38% with
R35 billion under management.

The Royal Investment Managers portfolio performed marginally below expectations, largely due to the difficult year where the impact of
COVID-19 affected some businesses more than others. During the year, Royal Investment Managers finalised terms with Balondolozi Investment Services to
convert its 30% equity stake acquired in December 2017 into a quasi-debt instrument on favourable terms.

The AlphaCode investments have delivered results in line with expectations, taking the impact of COVID-19 on the operating environment
into account.

The investment portfolio performed well with a number of the businesses achieving significant milestones:

- Merchant Capital was named South Africa's best small business funder in the UK-based Wealth & Finance magazine's 2020 Fintech

- Entersekt was awarded 'Most Innovative Company in 2020' by Fast Company;

- Prodigy Finance was named as one of the UK's top fintech companies by

Discovery's normalised earnings decreased by 9% to R3.4 billion for the year ended 30 June 2021, mainly due to a negative R2.4 billion
COVID-19-related impact on Discovery Life and pre-tax foreign currency losses of R389 million, compared to pre-tax foreign currency gains
of R578 million included in the comparative year. Normalised profit from operations increased by 7% to R6.5 billion for the year under

- Discovery Health remained the largest contributor to this number with a 7% increase in normalised operating profit to R3.4 billion,
  driven by continued operational excellence, growth in lives and providing support to members and society;

- A successful execution of the management plan at VitalityLife contributed to a strong recovery in results with a contribution of R644
  million to normalised profit from operations; and

- The loss incurred by Discovery Bank decreased by 7% to R1.1 billion. The focus remained on strong, high-quality client and deposit
  growth while deliberately pursuing a prudent, quality-focused credit strategy.

Overall, group new business annualised premium income increased by 11% to R21.3 billion and retention levels across the group were
strong. Despite its robust capital position and in line with the prior year, due to the continued uncertainty and potentially volatile economic
environment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Discovery has not declared an ordinary final dividend for the period.

Momentum Metropolitan recorded a 34% decrease in diluted normalised earnings to R1.0 billion for the year under review. This was largely
attributable to the prolonged negative impact that COVID-19 had on mortality claims experience, including the anticipated impact of
the ongoing third and possible fourth wave in the 2022 financial year. The group increased its COVID-19 provision by R2.2 billion in the
2021 financial year, of which R2.1 billion related to mortality. Together with a R702 million negative mortality variance, total mortality losses
amounted to R2.8 billion. The South African insurance businesses paid R10.7 billion in mortality claims (gross of reinsurance and tax) during
the 2021 financial year, compared to an average of R5.6 billion per annum over the three years preceding the pandemic. Excluding the
impact of COVID-19 on mortality, disability, termination and business interruption experience, as well as investment variances impacted by
yield curve movements, the group's normalised earnings would have been R3.5 billion. Investment returns increased by R934 million and
were supported by the recovery of investment markets, fair value gains from the revaluation of the group's investment in venture capital
funds and the recovery of previously written-off loans. This was partly offset by lower returns on the shareholder investment portfolio due
to the lower short-dated interest rates compared to the comparative year. The present value of new business premiums increased by
31% to R65.9 billion, driven by an excellent performance from Momentum Investments and Metropolitan Life which continued to deliver
exceptional growth in protection new business throughout the year. The value of new business growth to R725 million was outstanding and
was driven by strong new business volumes, excellent expense management across the group, a sustained focus on improving the quality
of new business written and an improved mix towards higher margin products. This resulted in a significant improvement in new business
margins from 0.6% to 1.1%. Momentum Metropolitan has declared a final ordinary dividend of 15 cents per ordinary share. The total
dividend for the 12 months ended 30 June 2021 is 40 cents per ordinary share, which is flat relative to the ordinary dividend declared in the
prior period.

The net funding and holding company costs decreased by 19% to R597 million. This decrease is mainly due to the decline in the prime
lending rate, with a significant portion of the funding still being at a variable rate. RMI has also reduced its spending on the AlphaCode
initiative compared to the prior period and benefitted from the timing difference between the movement in the IFRS 2 cash-settled share-
based payment liability and the hedge against this liability.

Outlook and future value creation

OUTsurance's world-class service proposition is enabled by the dedication of its employees, a business culture that strives for operational
excellence with a pivotal focus on treating customers fairly. Customer complaint ratios continue to decline across all service interactions.
OUTsurance again delivered the lowest Insurance Ombudsman complaint and overturned ratios of all the major insurers, a position it has
held over the past six years. Following a foundational year in 2021, OUTsurance and Youi are well-positioned to deliver on their growth
ambitions, which are expected to deliver a strong growth cadence with improved profitability over the medium term. OUTsurance will
continue to invest in local growth and opportunities to deliver a world-class insurance service to the communities it serves.

Hastings continues to make good progress on its strategic initiatives, including:

- Improvements in customer service through systems enhancements, digital improvements and process and supplier changes, leading to
  continued high customer NPS scores;

- New products, pricing models and sources of data have been added during the first half of 2021, laying the foundations for continued
  profitable growth;

- New functionality continues to be added on its mobile app, supporting increased usage with customer engagement and feedback also
  remaining positive;

- Claims transformation initiatives continue to make good progress, including optimising and digitalising repair journeys for customers;

- New internal home claims management capabilities are due to launch later in 2021.

Hastings is well-prepared for the recently introduced whiplash reforms, with early results being monitored closely, and the FCA's review of
general insurance pricing practices, due to be implemented by the end of 2021.

RMI Investment Managers' view is that the portfolio is largely complete, however, they remain opportunistic and continue to explore
the addition of affiliates to either solve for additional exposure or under-exposure in certain asset classes or to further add value to
the portfolio. The RMI Investment Managers team continues to actively engage in strategic dialogue with its affiliates with a focus
on implementing its shareholder value map, which offers affiliates access to comprehensive strategic support including operational,
governance and financial support, succession planning, talent management and board representation. In addition, the team continues
to play a strategic advisory role in helping its affiliates raise retail assets and foster meaningful and trusted client relationships. Many of
the affiliates have also benefited from marketing support provided by the team. This has enabled the affiliates to expand their branding,
marketing and public relations efforts in order to enhance their brand presence and credibility in the market. RMI Investment Managers
will ensure that its reputation as a trusted, value-adding but non-interfering shareholder of choice for the independent asset management
industry remains a core philosophy. The team and its partners in Momentum Metropolitan and RBH remain excited and committed to
working with its affiliates to support their growth to scale.

AlphaCode has recognised the need for very-early-stage and seed funding in the South African entrepreneurial landscape and has
launched its maiden seed fund. The fund is a fully-accredited Enterprise Supplier Development beneficiary and will provide funding of R1
to 2 million for early-stage financial services (and related) entrepreneurs. The fund works closely with the Incubate programme which offers
an exciting pipeline of start-ups and provides a proven base of mentor and entrepreneurial support to investees.

Discovery's business model has proven to be highly relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic and the consolidating trends are likely to
accentuate this relevance going forward. It is confident in its ability to capitalise on emerging opportunities and Discovery's Shared-value
Insurance model positions it well to deliver continued growth and operational resilience despite the challenging macro environment.
Discovery Life has provided for the expected future mortality impacts of COVID-19 given the expected retail claims. Group life provisions
have been made up to the next policy renewal date to the extent that existing contracts are deemed to be onerous. The effect of
continued interest rate and currency volatility in South Africa is expected to remain a feature of the reported results. Discovery is
considering an additional capital contribution for Ping An Health and intends to follow its rights in this regard, given the excellent long-
term prospects for private healthcare and private health insurance in China.

Momentum Metropolitan continues to improve its market share in most market segments. The Reset and Grow strategy, which was the
cornerstone of the operational turnaround evident in its results over the past three years, has now come to an end. The group is in a
significantly healthier position and has built a foundation and capabilities that improved its competitive position and created a strong
foundation from where it can continue to grow.

It launched its Reinvent and Grow strategy for the next three years, indicating its intent. The key elements of the Reinvent and Grow
strategy include:

- Significant focus on an investment in digital initiatives to generate efficiencies and to improve the ease of doing business for its clients
  and advisers;

- Further focus and growth of existing distribution channels, complimented by the development of alternative distribution opportunities

- Targeting normalised headline earnings for the group of between R4.6 to 5.0 billion by 2024;

- Dynamic and disciplined management of group capital, with the objective of improving the return on equity to 18% to 20% by 2024.

Considering the uncertainty in the operating environment, it would be inappropriate to provide firm guidance on near-term earnings

Momentum Metropolitan is navigating through this challenging period with a strong solvency position and with sufficient liquidity to
withstand impacts from the continuously evolving environment. It will continue to selectively invest in its core operations to take advantage
of the opportunities for growth brought about by the current crisis.

Summary consolidated income statement

Audited                                                                                                         %
R million                                                                          2021          2020      change

Gross insurance premiums                                                         20 570        17 349          19
Less: Reinsurance premiums                                                       (1 658)         (774)
Net insurance premiums                                                           18 912        16 575          14
Gross change in provision for unearned premiums                                  (1 043)         (452)
Reinsurance relating to provision for unearned premiums                             182            30
Net insurance premiums earned                                                    18 051        16 153          12
Fee and other income                                                                 85            64
Investment income                                                                   152           252
Interest income on financial assets using the effective interest rate method        333           458
Realised losses                                                                      (6)            -
Net fair value gains/(losses) on financial assets                                   406          (421)
Expected credit losses on financial assets                                           (2)          (20)
Net income                                                                       19 019        16 486          15
Gross claims paid                                                               (10 019)       (9 310)
Reinsurance recoveries received                                                   1 276         1 664
Provision for non-claims bonuses                                                   (509)         (500)
Transfer to policyholder liabilities under insurance contracts                     (249)          (34)
Acquisition expenses                                                                  -           (41)
Fair value adjustment to financial liabilities                                     (140)         (139)
Marketing and administration expenses                                            (5 598)       (4 859)
Profit before finance costs, results of associates and taxation                   3 780         3 267          16
Finance costs                                                                      (626)         (689)
Share of after-taxation results of associates                                     1 207           259
Profit before taxation                                                            4 361         2 837          54
Taxation                                                                         (1 139)       (1 031)
Profit for the year from continuing operations                                    3 222         1 806          78
Profit for the year from discontinued operations                                      -           104
Profit for the year                                                               3 222         1 910          69
Attributable to:
Equity holders of the company                                                     2 893         1 592          82
Non-controlling interests                                                           329           318           3
Profit for the year                                                               3 222         1 910          72
Earnings per share                                                                189.2         104.1          82
Diluted earnings per share                                                        188.5         102.7          84

Computation of headline earnings

Audited                                                                                                         %
R million                                                                          2021          2020      change

Earnings attributable to equity holders                                           2 893         1 592          82
Adjustment for:
Impairment of intangible assets by associates                                       138           192
(Gain)/loss on dilution and disposal of equity accounted investments                (84)           62
Profit on sale of subsidiary                                                        (41)         (111)
Derecognition of intangible assets and property and equipment                        10            38
Adjustments within equity accounted earnings                                          9             -
Loss on disposal of property and equipment                                            4             1
FCTR reversal on sale of foreign subsidiary                                          (4)           12
Impairment of owner-occupied building to below cost                                   3           152
Loss on dilution of joint venture                                                     1             -
Impairment relating to held for sale entities                                         -            14
Impairment of goodwill                                                                -             2
Loss on step-up of joint venture                                                      -             2
Headline earnings attributable to equity holders                                  2 929         1 956          50
Computation of earnings per share

Audited                                                                                                         %
R million                                                                          2021          2020      change

Earnings attributable to equity holders                                           2 893         1 592          82
Headline earnings attributable to equity holders                                  2 929         1 956          50
Number of shares in issue (millions)                                              1 532         1 532
Weighted average number of shares in issue (millions)                             1 529         1 529

Continuing and discontinued operations
Earnings per share (cents)                                                        189.2         104.1          82
Diluted earnings per share (cents)                                                188.5         102.7          84
Headline earnings per share (cents)                                               191.6         127.9          50
Diluted headline earnings per share (cents)                                       190.9         126.2          51

Continuing operations
Earnings per share (cents)                                                        189.2          98.9          91
Diluted earnings per share (cents)                                                188.5          97.5          93
Headline earnings per share (cents)                                               191.6         127.8          50
Diluted headline earnings per share (cents)                                       190.9         126.1          51

Dividend per share
Interim dividend (cents)                                                           22.5          45.0         (50)
Final dividend (cents)                                                             22.5             -        +100
Total dividend                                                                     45.0          45.0           -

Computation of normalised earnings

R million                                                                            2021       2020      change

Headline earnings attributable to equity holders                                    2 929      1 956          50
RMI's share of normalised adjustments made by associates                              610      1 153
Amortisation of intangible assets relating to business combinations                   289        305
Restructuring costs                                                                   219         20
Economic assumption adjustments net of discretionary margin and interest rate
derivative                                                                             95        897
Unrealised (gains)/losses on foreign exchange contracts not designated as a hedge      54        (47)
Deferred tax raised on assessed losses                                                (38)       (69)
Time value of money movement of swap contract in VitalityLife                         (28)        24
Adjustments for iSabelo                                                                11          -
B-BBEE cost                                                                             7          -
Transaction costs related to VitalityLife interest rate derivatives                     1          9
Initial expenses related to Prudential Book transfer                                    -         14
Group treasury shares                                                                   6        (23)
Normalised earnings attributable to equity holders                                  3 545      3 086          15

Computation of normalised earnings per share

R million                                                                            2021       2020      change

Normalised earnings attributable to equity holders                                  3 545      3 086          15
Number of shares in issue (millions)                                                1 532      1 532           -
Weighted average number of shares in issue (millions)                               1 532      1 532           -

Continuing and discontinued operations
Normalised earnings per share (cents)                                               231.4      201.5          15
Diluted normalised earnings per share (cents)                                       231.1      199.9          16

Continuing operations
Normalised earnings per share (cents)                                               231.4      201.4          15
Diluted normalised earnings per share (cents)                                       231.1      199.8          16
Value of investments

                                                                                  30 June    30 June           %
R million                                                                            2021       2020      change

Internal valuation of unlisted investments                                         46 295     41 223          12
OUTsurance (excluding Hastings)(1)                                                 35 429     32 024          11
Hastings(2)                                                                         9 258      7 684          20
RMI Investment Managers and AlphaCode(3)                                            1 608      1 515           6
Market value of listed investments                                                 28 631     24 293          18
Discovery(4)                                                                       20 811     17 231          21
Momentum Metropolitan(4)                                                            7 820      7 062          11

Gross value of portfolio                                                           74 926     65 516          14
Net liabilities of holding company(5)                                              (8 485)    (9 808)         13
Net value of portfolio(6)                                                          66 441     55 708          19
Net value of portfolio per share (cents)                                            4 337      3 637          19

The valuations are based on:

1 Based on an internal discounted cash flow management model that has been independently verified.

2 A discounted cash flow valuation was performed as at 30 June 2021. The 30 June 2020 valuation represents the closing market price of
  Hastings on the London Stock Exchange (Hastings was subsequently delisted on 16 November 2020). The ZAR:GBP exchange rate as
  at year-end was used to translate the GBP valuation into ZAR.

3 The investments in RMI Investment Managers and AlphaCode are shown at the internal management valuation. RMI sold its stake in
  Luno in September 2020, the proceeds of which are included in the net liabilities of the holding company.

4 Market capitalisation on 30 June 2021.

5 The net liabilities of the holding company include all the liabilities and assets at holding company level other than the investments
  shown separately in the table above.

6 The information in the table above does not include a provision for CGT. The size of RMI's stakes in its underlying investee companies
  qualifies for certain tax exemptions when certain corporate actions are performed.

Events after the reporting period

On 20 September 2021, RMI announced its intention to unbundle its shareholdings in Discovery and Momentum Metropolitan. A
consequence of the unbundling is that RMI will require an equity raise of up to R6.5 billion via a pro rata rights issue to optimise the capital

Cash dividend declaration
Notice is hereby given that a gross final cash dividend of 22.5 cents per ordinary share, payable out of income reserves, was declared on 20
September 2021 in respect of the year ended 30 June 2021.

The dividend will be subject to Dividend Withholding Tax at a rate of 20%, which will result in a net dividend of 18.0 cents per ordinary
share for those shareholders who are not exempt.

The company's tax reference number is 9469/826/16/9. Its issued share capital at the declaration date comprises 1 531 807 770 ordinary

Shareholders' attention is drawn to the following important dates:

- Last day to trade in order to participate in this dividend will be Tuesday, 19 October 2021.
- Shares commence trading ex-dividend on Wednesday, 20 October 2021.
- The record date for the dividend payment will be Friday, 22 October 2021.
- Dividend payment date will be on Monday, 25 October 2021.

No dematerialisation or rematerialisation of share certificates may be done between Wednesday, 20 October 2021 and Friday, 22 October
2021 (both days inclusive).

By order of the RMI board.

Schalk Human
Company secretary

20 September 2021


JJ Durand (chairman), HL Bosman (chief executive officer and financial director), JP Burger, P Cooper, (Ms) SEN De Bruyn, LL Dippenaar,
PK Harris, (Ms) A Kekana, P Lagerstrom, (Ms) MM Mahlare, MM Morobe, RT Mupita, O Phetwe and JA Teeger.

DA Frankel, F Knoetze and UH Lucht

Secretary and registered office
JS Human

Physical address: 12th Floor, The Bank,
Corner of Cradock and Tyrwhitt Avenues, Rosebank, Johannesburg, 2196
Postal address:   Private Bag X1000, Saxonwold, 2132
Telephone:        +27 10 753 2430
Web address:

(in terms of JSE Listings Requirements)

Rand Merchant Bank (a division of FirstRand Bank Limited)
Physical address: 1 Merchant Place, corner of Fredman Drive and Rivonia Road, Sandton, 2196

Transfer secretaries
Computershare Investor Services Proprietary Limited
Physical address: Rosebank Towers, 15 Biermann Avenue, Rosebank
Postal address:   PO Box 61051, Marshalltown, 2107
Telephone:        +27 11 370 5000
Telefax:          +27 11 688 5221

Full announcement

The contents of this short form announcement are the responsibility of the board of directors of the company.

Shareholders and/or investors are advised that this short form announcement represents a summary of the information contained in the full
announcement, published on the Stock Exchange News Service (SENS) and is available for viewing on RMI's website at or

PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc., the group's independent auditor, has audited the consolidated and separate annual financial statements
from which this announcement has been derived, and has expressed an unmodified audit opinion on these financial statements. The
auditor's report, with key audit matters, issued on the consolidated and separate annual financial statements can be accessed at

Any investment decisions by shareholders and/or investors should be based on a consideration of the full announcement as a whole and
shareholders and/or investors are encouraged to review the full announcement, which is available for viewing on the JSE's website and on
the company's website as set out above.

The full announcement is also available for inspection, at no charge, at the registered office of the company (12th Floor, The Bank, Corner
of Cradock and Tyrwhitt Avenues, Rosebank, Johannesburg, 2196) and at the offices of RMI's Sponsor, Rand Merchant Bank (a division of
FirstRand Bank Limited) (1 Merchant Place, Corner Fredman Drive and Rivonia Road, Sandton) from 09:00 to 16:00 weekdays. Shareholders
and/or investors may request copies of the full announcement from the company secretary at

Date: 20-09-2021 08:01:00
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The JSE does not, whether expressly, tacitly or implicitly, represent, warrant or in any way guarantee the truth, accuracy or completeness of
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